Mel’s 16th: Night 1

Last Saturday, Maman, Papa, and I left the house at 2:00pm to drive to the first location of Melanie’s 16th Birthday Weekend! For the parts I was awake, the scenery from the car was incredible! I was super excited because we took a train for a portion of the trip, but we never got out of the car! Insane right?! It is a train for cars!!! Once we arrived in Lucerne, we were on the hunt for our hotel. Papa accidentally got in the opposite lane, and we could not turn around because there was a tunnel. I found it quite funny, because it reminded me of my Dad missing our turn in Pittsburg and becoming completely lost a few years ago. 😉 Once we circled Lucerne, we found free parking and walked to the hotel. I loved the hotel!! The lady at the front desk only spoke English and German. It was the first time that my English skills came in handy! I am starting to really see the benefits of knowing more than one language. Once we got the room keys, we headed to the rooms. I couldn’t stop laughing because everything was so tiny and European. Now I understand why Europeans think America is so extravagant. The elevator was so tiny! We were like sardines, but I loved the new experience and a new funny memory.

After we rested in the hotel for 30 minutes, we headed out on the town. Lucerne is beautiful!!! I watched a video about Switzerland last July as I was preparing to study abroad, and it was set in Lucerne. It was incredible to see the bridge and streets in real life and not just on my screen! It felt like I was in the video! We stopped in a souvenir shop, and I realized we were the only white people in the whole store! Everyone else was Asian. Maman told me that Lucerne is the mecca of Asian tourists. I love seeing them do the funniest poses to get the perfect picture!

We then headed to the train station to pick up Melanie since she had to work in another town that morning. When we headed back out on the town, everyone had disappeared. It was only 8:00pm on a Saturday! Everything was closed except for the bars and some restaurants. Melanie chose an interesting restaurant haha. It was actually very nice, but the food options were not what I am accustomed to. We all ordered the crepe with ricotta cheese and a variety of vegetables. On the plus side, I ate turnips for the first time! Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel and prepared for Day 2 of Melanie’s 16th Birthday Weekend!!


A train for cars?!