I Have the Best Grandparents in the World

Hello Friends!

I know that everyone says, “I have the best grandparents!”, but I can honestly prove that I have truly been blessed beyond measures. In just one short year, Grand-Mère (mother of my Swiss dad aka Papa) has brought me into her family and treated me like a true granddaughter. Whether it be tips on how to prepare the most amazing meals or priceless advice that I will use for the rest of my life, I am always confident that I will be a better person after being with Grand-Mère for any amount of time. Thank you Grand-Mère for teaching me to be a young lady of class, sincerity, and kindness towards everyone. Je vous aime!!

Not only do I have one amazing grandmother, but I also have been blessed with an inspiring grandfather and another incredible grandmother on my mother’s side. (biological American mom) Momo and Papa have taught me millions of lessons throughout my life, but one that has really stuck out to me is prioritizing people over material things or personal desires. When my Papa stopped being a mathematician with Mobil to become a pastor/bishop, his focus was to invest in people. Whether you are one of their perfect 15 grandchildren or a complete stranger, you will immediately feel loved by Momo and Papa.

For one year I have lived 4,903 miles (7890.614 km)  away from my grandparents, and they came all the way to Switzerland to visit me!!! While I made sure we saw all things Swiss (a cheese factory, Zermatt, and a chocolate factory), they kept reminding me that the purpose of making this grand voyage was to see me and meet my incredible Swiss family. Thank you Momo, Papa, and Rachel (my auntie came as well!!) for sacrificing time and money to visit the country that stole my heart and talk with some of the most important people in my life. I cannot put into words the gratitude I have for you. I will never forget the time my grandparents crossed the world to visit me during my year abroad in Switzerland!!  I love you with all my heart!



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