Ski 2016-17

For the past six months, I was blessed to learn how to ski alongside my papa on some of the most beautiful slopes in the world. Reaching unimaginable altitudes and breathing in the crisp air always reminded that we live in such a big and beautiful true piece of art.

The first few Sundays were where I really learned to trust Papa. With each time I fell, I knew Papa would be there with an outstretched hand and comforting smile.  I’ll never forget the mass amount of nervous butterflies in my stomach as I peered out of the ski lifts followed by words of encouragement and a kind touch on the knee from Papa. Words cannot describe the rush of freedom as I broke the walls of fear and soared down the slopes. I cannot recount the amount of times I had to remind myself to have “30 seconds of courage” before dropping down a slope. That’s why I fell involve with skiing. You don’t have to be someone without any fear, but someone who doesn’t let those fears stop you.

While I definitely fell in love with skiing, I also fell in love with each special moment shared with Papa.  Whether we were laughing on the ski lifts, sharing a hot chocolate in the restaurant, or cleaning the blood off my face, I am beyond grateful for the time Papa dedicated to spend with me. While it is extremely sad that this season is over, I cannot wait for the many ski seasons to come!

Merci mille fois Papa!! Je t’aime!!

Bisous! Bisous!


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