Spring Break: Paris

Hello friends!!
This Easter, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Paris and see my American French class! I loved capturing their emotions with my camera and putting together this little video of my day in the city of love. It was fascinating to see how much I have changed into a European and the ways that I have remained an American. In just three days, my eyes were totally opened, and I was reminded that my heart will always be split between my  homes. I might be in a constant state of homesickness for the places I am not, but I am overjoyed to know that I have a home no matter where I go in the world!

Thank you to my parents for giving me the world and Monsieur B for allowing me to join the class!



3 thoughts on “Spring Break: Paris

  1. Tu as créé quelque chose qui restera proche à ton coeur et les nôtres aussi! Ton point de vue est unique and bien apprecié!


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