Bonjour mes amis!!

To keep things interesting, I have decided to change my blog to an English and French blog. The surprise will be that you will never know if the next blog will be in English, French, or Franglais! This way all of my family and friends can enjoy the blog no matter what language they speak!

This week, I am going to highlight a few places I have visited within the last month in Switzerland!

Today’s Spotlight: Papiliorama


Karla and her family surprised me with a visit to the Papiliorama a few Saturday’s ago in Kerzers, Switzerland. Between 15 and 18 francs, you can enjoy three grand halls full of animals and insects! Depending on your love for animals, I would budget 1-3 hours, plus some time to explore the gift shop and grab a bite at the restaurant!

The first exhibit hall is very dim and no photos are allowed, because it is full of nocturnal animals. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the bats, but I loved watching the sloths and discovering what animals come alive at night.

Before entering the second exhibit, make sure to leave your jacket outside on one of the many coat racks. To help the animals feel right at home, the jungle exhibit is very warm and humid. Take your time and explore all the paths in order to find the waterfalls and steps up to a treehouse! Tip: Look up and you will see a toucan that makes a loop through the dome every 2-3 minutes.

Finally, head over to third exhibit, and be surrounded by flowers and butterflies!! I have always been fascinated by butterflies and their cycle of life, that I left feeling so inspired. Whenever I am feeling low or without purpose, I try to change my perspective and say that I am still in my caterpillar phase. Soon, I will be a beautiful butterfly with purpose and jobs to fulfill, but right now I have to learn to enjoy the waiting phase as a caterpillar.

In all, the Papiliorama was the perfect event to fill the rainy Saturday afternoon. Thank you so much to Karla and her family for inviting me!

Till the next adventure,


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