Returning to the Homeland

While most of Switzerland celebrated Carnival this past week, my grandparents gave me the opportunity to spend time in the lovely city of London!! The U.K. will always have a special place in my heart, because it is the country that started my love of travel and gave me the confidence to explore!!

Even with the wind, I had fallen in love with every part of England. (2010)

Throughout this year abroad, I’ve learned that spending time to really be with someone is a lot more important than taking a picture in front of every touristic landmark. So instead of taking the beloved Big Bus Tour with Momo, Margaret showed me the cutest cafes, how to navigate the tube, and the best restaurants in London that a true Londoner loves. I absolutely loved taking the tube to Itsu and picking up sushi so that we could just talk at her apartment rather than visit a museum. Don’t get me wrong, I love museums, but the focus of this trip was to really be in the moment with Margaret and to grow our friendship!

Due to my flight to London, I stayed in a hotel in Geneva Friday night with my dear friend Karla. Every time that we are together, something crazy happens. Surprisingly, this trip was quite mild aside from spending two hours on the trams in Geneva and heating up our food with a radiator and a tea kettle hahahaha.

The next morning started at 5:10am in the airport shuttle. With each time that I travel, everything seems to be easier! One I finally found the wi-fi code, everything was calm and collected. There was a surprising amount of Americans who filled the plane along with a complete rugby team! I can honestly say my entire body was the same size as most of the players’ arms!! As we began to land, my excitement grew even more!  There was a sense of home.

Be prepared for an update of each day coming all throughout this week!! Talk to you later!!




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