Taking a Tumble!


I am a firm believer in God’s perfect timing and cannot wait till the day I look back on this laughing, but right now it’s not that funny.(I am laughing to stop from crying hahah)

Since November, every Sunday morning has started by leaving the house at 8:15 with Papa and our skis. I cannot thank Papa enough for all the time he has set aside to go skiing with me each weekend! The beginning included a lot of falling, but nothing like this past Sunday. While I don’t remember it very clearly, from listening to Papa and Nicholas I think this is what happened.

There were piles of snow on the slopes for future use when there isn’t a lot of snow. Since it seemed to be basically flat in-between the piles, I thought it would be fun to use them like ramps and get a little bit of air. As I went up the last one, I didn’t see what followed. The pile was very steep and right afterwards, there was a huge drop. Since I had already been gaining speed from the other jumps, I launched into the air and flew around 65 ft before hitting the ground and dragging on my face about 100 feet. I remember thinking, “I feel like a bird.” About 30 minutes later, I woke up and saw a man in an orange jacket leaning over me. Luckily, there was a slope controller passing by who helped me and gave me a few bandages to help control the bleeding. Since I didn’t really remember what happened, they helped me stand up and then I finished skiing the slope. As we took the ski lift up to the restaurant at the summit, two ladies tried talking to me in English, but I truly could not understand anything they were saying. It felt funny, but I had to ask them to please speak in French because I don’t understand English hahahahaha. I didn’t realize my face was covered in blood until Papa suggested that I go to the restroom. All of the ladies in the bathroom were so worried and helped me find some ice and towels to clear off some of the blood. Papa thought it would be best if I take the ski lift back down tot he car while he and Nicholas skied down. Returning to the house was an interesting experience since we were having a lunch party with the neighbors. To help their appetite, I opted to wear sunglasses.

I am currently just waiting in the healing process. Everyone in my family has been super kind and made sure that I have everything I could ever need to make this process as comfortable and fast as possible.

At first, I was so embarrassed to show my face to anyone. The first day of school, I basically hid behind my glasses and scarf. I was stuck thinking that people wouldn’t like me since I looked very different with a hint of monster, and then it hit me. People live with skin conditions their whole lives. My body will heal within a few weeks! The fact that I have this black eye means that I was fortunate enough to have legs that allow me to ski in the Swiss Alps! I don’t have any reason to complain or hide for the next 2 weeks! If anything, I gained a great story and an ice breaker until it heals.

Before arriving at a pity party, never forget to count your blessings. When you stop perseverating on the issue, you will see there is so much to be thankful for, and whatever was causing you to complain will truly feel  silly and minuscule.



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