Week 25: Les Palais Fédérales

This past week, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the Federal Palaces and follow a tour!! Swiss politics are all housed in this one building contrary to the USA where we have the Capitol and the White House. To my surprise, none of my Swiss friends or family have been inside the building since it is very difficult to get a scheduled tour. While there are many similarities to the Capitol (dome, architectural styles, and luxurious rooms), the Federal Palaces really accentuate all of the resources and industries found in Switzerland. Each characteristic that brings together the country is tastefully displayed to give a true overall sentiment of the country. Of course, I liked the displays for the French region and Valais more than the other displays. 😉 The best part was sharing this experience with all of the other exchange students! Since we are all busy with school, taking time out to gather and get to know each other was so special and encouraging. Knowing new friends from around the world and that we are all in this together is beyond comforting! I can’t wait for more memories with the other AFSers!



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