Les Raquettes


If you know me, you know I love everything about Winter! From the hot chocolates,snow, big coats, I love everything about the season! I’ve tried all of the Starbucks Winter drinks, played in the snow all my life, and still find joy in being able to see my frozen breath in the air, yet I have never gone snowshoeing! Living in Switzerland, I knew this year was the perfect time to give it a try. Within one week, I had the opportunity to try two times!! Two weekends ago, I traveled to Neuchatel to visit Karla and her sweet family. Her Papa was kind enough to take us snowshoeing bright and early Saturday morning! Anytime spent with Karla and her host family is always such a blessing and filled with joy! We ended the adventure with some fondue in a cute tiny restaurant that seated only 12 people total!!

The following Tuesday, my entire class went to Champery for our Winter Sport Day. The morning was filled with a beautiful hike through the mountains with our snowshoes, and for the afternoon portion, we went ice skating. I loved being able to have the time to really talk and connect with the girls in my class. Since our class has 18 boys and only 8 girls, we have all gotten really close and stick together. If I ever have any questions or just need a friend, I can always count on those girls to have my back!

Nonetheless, I now love winter even more and enjoy snowshoeing! If you are ever up for a calm winter excursion that is great exercise, snowshoeing through some mountains is sure to take your breath away and leave you in awe!



January 28th/ 31st, 2017

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