The Perfect Snow

Hi Friends,

This past Sunday I experienced a truly magical day that I will never forget! Since November, I have been skiing every weekend with Papa, but there was a key ingredient missing: snow!! Many slopes have been closed, causing us to have to ski on fake snow. Before this year, I believed that snow was just snow. Since living in Switzerland, I can now identify types of snow and which kind is my favorite. Until you experience skiing on icy snow verses a fresh fallen snow, you will not understand how crucial fresh snow it to have the perfect ski day!

Last week, everyone’s prayers were answered, and we finally received fresh powder!! Papa and I took to the slopes at Anzère. Since all of the tourists have left, we were fortunate to ski on perfect snow and have the slope all to ourselves! My adrenalin was pumping as I sliced through the snow and traversed the mountain. I kept having to stop as my breath was literally taken away by how beautiful the views were. Here I am, just a small girl from a tiny town in West Virginia, standing in the presence of the Swiss Alps! Even after living here for 5 months, I still fear I am going to wake up from this glorious dream.

I truly can’t justly explain the feeling of knowing you are so small, yet God, who is bigger than any mountain or obstacle in your life, chose you. He chose to have a deep, personal relationship with you and to provide you hope as He saves you from your sins.

Fresh powder is why I went to the slopes, but the overwhelming presence God had on the mountain Sunday morning reminded me that God is the true reason I am here.

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation.”

Mark 16:15





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