Week 21: No Longer an Exchange Student

With the second semester starting this week, my “Exchange Student” card has come to a bittersweet end. Most of my teachers reached out to me this week or right before the break and expressed that they think I am ready to be a normal student in the classroom!! While I will still receive no grades, school will no longer just be a place to sit and listen for 8 hours. The lazy student inside is freaking out in fear, but my nerdy side is definitely jumping for joy!

This new challenge could not come at a better time, because this week was also the week of saying goodbye to all of the other exchange students. The Australians, New Zealanders, and Costa Ricans will be leaving within the next week, and I will be the only native-English speaker at my school. My biggest fear is not missing speaking English, but missing the deep relationships that were formed so quickly with each other.

As the winter days have been feeling quite long, seeing them packing their bags reminded me that this year is so short! I still cannot believe that next week will be the halfway mark of my year in Switzerland. Each day brings such a new and exciting adventure, the challenge is to not let the moments slip by too quickly.



This weeks photo was taken from the restaurant that rests at the top of the Anzere slopes where Papa and I skied this past Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Week 21: No Longer an Exchange Student

  1. So proud of you you will always keep your friends and you will be like us having friends all over the world !
    Will a new group of AFS students arrive soon ?


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