What I Got For Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas!!

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with your family and friends! While this year was my first Christmas outside of the USA, it was very merry nonetheless. I have seen many Youtubers and bloggers share what they got for Christmas, so I thought I would share as well! I hope you enjoy!

My family truly went above and beyond by showering me in gifts and chocolates! My Swiss parents even got me Justin Bieber tickets!!! I may have died from excitement for a few minutes! While I am also extremely grateful for all of the chocolates, socks, and face masks, my favorite gift was not an object, but rather two experiences.

The first experience was Saturday evening. Since I have arrived in Switzerland, my goal has been to be able to carry on conversation easily and feel like a true part of my family. Learning French has not been easy, but I finally accomplished my goal! I didn’t feel like a stranger who didn’t understand what was happening. I felt comfortable and confident in my ability to speak with all of the family members! WHile my French isn’t perfect, I don’t feel like an American tourist anymore. There is no price you can put on that feeling of confidence or the relationship I now have with my family!

The second experience was on the slopes Christmas morning with Papa. As we were waiting to take the ski lift, a man didn’t understand how to get on and caused the ski lift to stop. He couldn’t comprehend what was going on since he only spoke a small amount of French. I quickly started translating and the issue was resolved. After speaking with him more on the ski lift, I learned he was an Egyptian studying at an English university in Lausanne. Funny enough, I actually found it a little bit difficult to speak in English, but I was very grateful for the experience to connect people from around the world. I was an American translating what a French-speaking German was saying to an Egyptian. That moment definitely reassured me that no matter how many times I am overwhelmed or miss home, it’s all worth it.

While material objects are fun for the moment, moments shared with others are truly the best gift that lasts forever. That’s exactly what Christmas is about! Christ came to give us a gift. Not a material item,  but the gift of a relationship with God by taking the punishment for your sins. Not even Justin Bieber tickets can top that! (but I am still VERY grateful and cannot wait till June 15th to see him with my sister!!!Only 169 more days!!)



3 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas 2016

  1. Hello and good tidings!
    I have been enjoying your posts and am wondering if you will be writing a book some day about your adventures! I purchased a sewing machine last summer and have been putting a lot of miles on it making quilt. If you bring back a variety of 100% cotton fabrics from each country you visit, I will make you a quilt as a momento of your time spent abroad 😃

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  2. Awesome story about your translating for the Egyptian man. Sounds like you’re one of the locals now! Very proud of you and your growth over these four short months. Can’t wait to hear more stories. I love you SC. Dad.

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