Looking Back On 4 Months!!

Yet again, another month has slipped by so quickly!  The adjustment phase is over, and now Switzerland is my home. This month was filled with many joyous moments such as traveling to Lucerne, skiing, and the holidays!! I have truly enjoyed opening my advent calendar each morning and experiencing Swiss traditions such as visiting the Christmas markets in Montreux and Sion! Another very exciting moment was Friday night when I dreamed for the first time in French!!! I feel as though my French has improved, and my teachers have started to notice as well. I am now participating in all of the activities, which means the “Exchange Student card” doesn’t work anymore. Most of my exams are solely graded based on my grammar instead of the actual content, which is very kind of the professors.  Surprisingly, studying for the SAT’s is causing me the most stress. Since I don’t use English anymore on a daily basis, I have lost a good bit of my vocabulary. I was sitting with my family, and we had to search in a dictionary to figure out the word for skyscraper. I kept saying “sky toucher” or “really tall building”. It’s astonishing how often I understand exactly what someone is saying in French, but I couldn’t translate it to English to save my life.
While 99% of this past month was filled with joy and laughter, I had two really hard days. I was told that holidays would cause homesickness, but I didn’t think it would really happen to me. Thanksgiving was difficult because it was the first time when it hit me that life in the USA is still going on without me. This past Wednesday afternoon was hard as well, because I started to miss my American Christmas traditions. As soon as I arrived home, I blasted English Christmas music and had a little dance/ baking party. These are the difficult moments of exchange, but they remind me to cherish all of the happy moments even more.
I cannot wait to spend Christmas with my Swiss family next weekend and gather new traditions to share in the USA next year!

Thank you again for still continuing to support me through your prayers and messages!

Merry Christmas!!




3 thoughts on “Looking Back On 4 Months!!

  1. Thank you for posting regularly. We love reading about your adventures and how you’re doing. Looking forward to hearing about the new Swiss Christmas traditions you’ll bring back with you! Joyeux Noel, ma cherie!


  2. Thanks for your blog and update SC. I imagine it has sunk in that Switzerland is your home now, and I know it will be hard to leave. It will be like leaving home twice. I’m so glad you get to enjoy another nation’s Christmas traditions and those of your family. Continue to be a light in a dark world. Jesus was and is the light that brings hope to all of us who walk in darkness. Keep shining as Jesus shines thru you. We love you.


  3. So exciting dreaming in French. We are in Pittsburgh where it is super cold! Went to Jonah’s Call tonight. Tori’s graduation on Friday night and her party on Saturday. She looked stunning !
    Get ideas for Christmas next year ! It will be here before you know it.
    Love you
    Momo x


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