Week 15: Merry


This past week has definitely been merry and bright! The entire town has transferred from Thanksgiving to full on Christmas mode, and I am loving it! This week included skiing a Nendaz, attending an AFS Valais raclette dinner, admiring the Christmas market of Montreux, and opening my Advent Calendar!! I am so excited to experience the Christmas season and spend more merry moments in Switzerland!!

Below, you can find videos and a photo from this past week!



From left to right: AFS Coordinator for Switzerland, Russia, USA, Costa Rica, and Slovakia

The town was fully lit, courtesy of my papa, for Christmas last Thursday. After school, Papa and I took a tour of all the lights in Sion. Of course, we had to make a quick pit stop for some hot chocolate and wine before heading home for dinner with the rest of the family. That night, I had to prepare an American cake for the AFS banquet the next day. Since I am nowhere near a professional baker, Maman and I shared a lot of laughs as I attempted to bake. We knew I had made an American cake when it included 400 grams of butter, a box of sugar, peanut butter, and a Reese’s on top!

P.S.  Papa was even featured in the newspaper for his incredible work with the Christmas displays in Sion!!

Skiing has been filling my weekends and taking most of my energy. While I have improved a lot, I am always dead by the last run. Once I start falling every 10 meters, Papa and I know it’s time to head home for the day. After skiing last weekend, we took one last look at the pumpkins and then began decorating for Christmas. The tree will arrive in only a few weeks, and I cannot wait!

Le Marché de Nöel in Montreux! It is known as the most beautiful Christmas market in all of Switzerland, and I definitely agree! It took over 2 hours to walk through and admire all of the beautiful stands. This afternoon trip was accompanied by my dear friend from India.




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