Ski Season Has Begun!!!

Dear friends,

As some of you may know my family (USA) loves to try different sports and be active together. While my brothers and dad are very athletic, I love sports, but I definitely excel more in the classroom. But if you truly know me, you know I love trying new things and going on adventures!

Today, my family (Swiss) took me on an incredible adventure!! Due to the snow this week, some of the skiing trails have opened!! I got my skis on Saturday, and this morning Papa and I headed to Crans Montana. I have only skied one other time in my life at a YoungLife camp, so Papa truly taught me how to ski!  On the first run down, I fell 10 times! The other skiers were so surprisingly nice, and always asked if I was okay! (It was pretty obvious it was my first time hahaha) The second run I only fell 3 times, but then my legs got tired. On the last run, I fell four times on the same hill! I wanted to continue skiing so badly, but my legs were just not cooperating. After 2 hours of skiing, Papa and I headed into the restaurant for some Nestea! One funny thing I noticed is that no one eats the snow. While in the USA this is completely normal, here it is not very safe since the snow sits there all winter and gets mixed in with dirt. While Swiss and Americans are very similar, I love finding these little cultural differences!

All in all it was an incredible day full of laughter and learning to always get back up again!

I hope you enjoy this little video of some of the highlights! Trust me, there will be a lot more skiing videos to come!! I can’t wait to hit the slopes again!!




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