Zermatt Take Two!

Cou Cou!!

Last weekend, I visited Zermatt for the second time! Zermatt is full of so many things to do, that I was so excited to go back! This time I went with my travel buddy, Karla! We rode the Gornergrat train to the 360 lookout, and I was starstruck! The mountain I had seen so many times in the movies and on candy bars was now right in front of me! We had so much fun taking pictures and acting like true tourists! This was the first time Karla had ever seen snow in real life since she lives in the Dominican Republic. I was overjoyed to be able to share that special moment with her as we gazed at the sparkling white snow covering everything! I still find it funny how comfortable I am with Karla since we had only seen each other two times before this weekend. It is as if we have been best friends forever!

The rest of the day was filled by eating at McDonalds, looking in shops, and constant laughter! I love buying little souvenirs for my friends and family in the USA! We found these fun curved bench/beds to relax on before heading to the train. Our train ended up being the Glacier Express!! I felt like I was living my childhood dreams of riding the Polar Express! The ticket man even acted like the man in the film!! We searched for some hot chocolate, but sadly everything was already closed on the train. Instead, Karla helped me with my French. We could not stop laughing even though the whole train was staring at us! It felt so nice to truly laugh till my stomach hurt! The day was ended perfectly when we arrived home to raclette for dinner! I love raclette, and especially the little potatoes!

I hope you enjoy the photos!






2 thoughts on “Zermatt Take Two!

  1. Your posts are like a little mini vacation to a wonder land for me… A real pick me up in the doldrum of daily life. So glad you are having such an amazing time!


  2. I would love to ride on the Glacier Express; that sounds fantastic! Fun to see the flags in different places. Way to represent!


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