Will someone pinch me? This cannot be real! I cannot believe that just 9 months ago, I found AFS as I was researching alternate options for high school, and now I can say that I have lived in Switzerland for two months! While I could write an essay about how much has happened, I will give you just a quick update covering the last month.

Places visited: Neuchâtel, Des Alpes,  Zermatt, Lac Souterrain, Martigny, Pyramids d’Euseigne, Grande Dixence Dam, Fully, Bienne/Biel, Cressier, Gornergrat

Favorite French Phrase: C’était formidable!

Friends: I met my new travel buddy at AFS Camp, and I could not be happier! Karla is from the Dominican Republic, and she is so kind, joyful, and just a true pleasure to be around. So far we have been to Neuchâtel, Sion, Des Alpes, Zermatt, and Lac Soutterrain. We both love traveling and are hoping to travel a lot together this year and in the future! I can always count on the best advice or nonstop laughter!

School: Yesterday, I gave a presentation about the United States in all French! Due to the mass amount of questions, I spoke for almost 45 minutes! I have two more presentations Friday, but they are for the English classes, so they will be very easy for me. My classmates really enjoyed learning about the USA, and are now wanting to visit West Virginia!

Embarrassing moment: Karla and I were at Lac Soutterain, and the guide asked us if we spoke English. Since we are so used to speaking French, we replied, “Oui!” He gave us a strange look and then continued with the tour. We couldn’t stop laughing once we realized what we had just said.

First Times: eating horse at school, going to a circus, riding the Glacier Express, eating raclette, attempting Swiss exams at school, eating tartar, seeing Swiss snow, eating chestnuts, riding in a cable car, taking a train by myself, harvesting grapes, walk under a rainbow

I actually got a little upset when I realized I only have 9 months left in Switzerland. Time is flying, but I am enjoying every second! I already know that Switzerland will forever be a second home to me!



P.S. Special thank you to everyone who has sent me packages and letters! I truly appreciate each and every piece of mail! I am amazed each time at the amount of people who are supporting me on this crazy adventure! Thank you!





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