Somewhere Over The Rainbow

One thing I love about living in Switzerland is the amount of walking and exploring I do with my family! Last Sunday, we went on a short hike after lunch. We had planned to go to a glacier, but due to the weather we changed our minds. I am so glad that we did, because we were surprised with the most amazing, vibrant rainbow I have ever seen in my life! The beginning of the hike was rather cold (which doesn’t bother me because I love the cold) and halfway through it began to rain. It was a rather funny moment as my sister and I were covering our heads with our scarves. We decided to turn around early due to how cold the rain was, and we were pleasantly surprised to see a double rainbow right infront of us! I was in complete awe!! Seeing all of our frozen faces light up with huge smiles was a moment I will never forget. Seeing God’s promise within 50 feet of me halfway around the world was so comforting and inspiring.

Please enjoy my attempt to capture the incredible views!!



Love getting to use my hiking shoes in the mountains!! img_0358img_0359img_0371img_0372

Make sure to check out my instagram for a video of the rainbows!! @minihartiensimg_0388img_0389img_0393

I am so blessed to be living a life where this expression is constantly on my face! Each day brings new inspiration and meaning to my life!!


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