School life: Thursday


I am so sorry this is going up a day late, but time is flying by here! I cannot believe that September is coming to an end so soon! Ever since Fall started, school has been a lot better!  The temperature is much more comfortable, and the trees are beautiful! (Air conditioning is only for cars, so school was very hot making it difficult to concentrate in August) Also, to celebrate the season the school gives out free apples! I love walking around Sion with a fresh apple and the cool breeze. (Can you believe I just said that! In the USA I rarely ate fruit!) I miss everything being pumpkin and all the stores being decorated for Halloween, but the mountains, chocolate, and hiking make up for it! I really love living in Switzerland! I am understanding more of the language everyday, and I love learning new expressions. My biggest fear is that I will forget something. I just want to live here forever and never forget a memory!

Nevertheless, here is a peek into my life on Thursday.

Thursday: (The hardest day of the week because I don’t have any breaks.)

8:10am- Math: We normally start the day with Geometry. I’ve learned I am much more of an algebra person.

8:55am- Break

9:00am- Economie: I am currently working on a 20 minute presentation of the United States, because the other students are working in groups to present about Swiss economics. If you want to send me anything American to go along with my presentation, I would be over the moon!

9:45am- Break

10:00am- AV: (Art visual) This class is kind of difficult for me because I am awful at drawing. All of the students here are incredibly talented! I still like the class because I can just listen and learn vocabulary words or rest my brain for two hours.

11:35am- Lunch with my friend from Costa Rica! I was waiting for her and a girl came out to me and asked if I was an exchange student. I have no clue how she knew, but I am guessing I had a lost look on my face or she heard my accent.

1:00pm- Study hour!

1:45pm- Break

2:00pm- History: I still have no clue what is going on or what time period we are studying, but it’s okay. I talked with my teacher mentor and she told me to focus on three classes.

2:45pm- Break

2:50pm- SR: (Science of Religions) This class is always interesting because the prof is really animated. He likes to call on me to hear my accent. The first time I was so confused, but now I know he just wants to laugh. I actually like the class, because I love learning about religions.

3:35pm- Break

3:40pm- Math: We normally finish the day with Algebra. Since my class is a math major, we have math two times on Thursdays and for two hours on Friday.

4:25pm- Since I am done with school for the day I usually take a brisk walk around Sion for some exercise.

5:10pm- I board the bus and head home! I am always looking forward to what amazing dinner Maman will cook that night.

I hope you enjoyed learning about what I do on Thursdays.



It’s finally Fall!!


Here is a cool view of the stairs and hallways. I love how natural, yet modern they made the school.
The art room!

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