Week 3: Walk This Way


I can’t believe I have been in Switzerland for over three weeks! It is already flying by so fast! This week has been full of walking/hiking, and I love it! I love that is is so normal to just go on a walk and get some fresh air. Not only is it great exercise, but I have found it to be the perfect time to talk and practice my French. I am becoming a little bit more confident with my French abilities! While I was speaking with another American exchange student, we both found it kind of weird to speak in English. It is kind of strange/cool how this truly feels like my second home so quickly!

Week 3 Highlights:

Friday: I hung out at La Planta and McDonalds with two other exchange students from New York and Slovakia.

Saturday: Drone Bouge!! It was definitely different than American celebrations, but I loved celebrating the beginning of wine season with some of my friends in Savièse! Don’t worry, I celebrated by drinking water;)

Sunday: I went to France!!! Since Maman is French, they have a flat in France near Lac Leman. It is actually the house Maman lived in when she was little! I loved meeting her uncle and being in France!

Tuesday: Class hike! It was such a fun day hiking in Ovranaz. I loved just being able to talk and get to know my classmates outside of the classroom!

Wednesday: Papa picked me up from school and we went to his mom’s house for lunch! It was so delicious, and I loved getting to know his uncle, sister, and niece.

Friday: Another exchange student from Wisconsin and I shopped in Sion and met some really nice teens in La Planta. La Planta is a park where everyone hangs out after school! It is so much fun to listen to all the French. I am slowly picking up on the teen slang.

Saturday: After lunch, I went on an hour walk with Melanie and Voltaire (the dog) IT was really nice to just talk and get to know her better! It’s great because we both love makeup, Youtube, and Justin Bieber, so we never run out of things to talk about! Once Papa got home from hiking in the glaciers with friends, he and I went on a walk with the dog. We love to talk about sports and the town. I can always find myself laughing when I am with Papa.

Sunday: Right now I am getting ready to go on a hike with my family! You will have to wait till next week to find out how it goes, but I am super excited!

Enjoy the photos!



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