School Life: Tuesday

Cou cou!! (Sorry, I meant to post this yesterday)
I am now in my third week of school, and I am starting to get the hang of things. I spoke with some of my professors, and we decided that I would just translate the worksheets. This allows me to work on learning the words instead of trying to do the  actual work like my peers. It is so weird to not be stressed out by school. I do not receive any grades, so essentially this is a gap year from high school. I am getting to know the other students in my class a lot better! I now actually feel like their friend! They are all SO welcoming, and make class 2H a true family.

Here is my normal Tuesday schedule:

5:00am-8:10am- Same morning routine and bus schedule as Monday

8:10am- English Class: my favorite class ever for obvious reasons! I usually take one student to another part of the school and we speak in English about the topic given to us from the professor.

9:00am- Chemistry or Biology: Depending on the week, I flip back and forth. I really enjoy science class, because both professors usually have a lot of notes instead of just lecturing. This allows me to translate any words I don’t know at home! Plus, a lot of the words are the same in English and French, and the pronunciation is just different.

9:45am-10:00am- Break

10:00am- Math

10:45am- 11:35am- Library: The other students have German, but I go to the library and translate my notes and study French.

11:40am- Lunch! On Tuesdays and Thursdays I eat with another exchange student from Costa Rica! I love just being able to talk and know she can relate to what I am going through.

1:00pm- French: This class is really hard for me since they analyze French literature. Right now, I highlight all the words I don’t know and translate them for homework.

1:45-2:00pm- Break

2:00pm- Gym: Right now we are playing Badminton! Gym class is similar to gym in the USA, but here i actually sweat in gym class. They give 100% in every game no matter what.

2:45pm-2:50pm- Break

2:50pm- Geography: I actually enjoy this class. Right now, we are looking at graphs and analyzing them. The professor is really nice, and I like to learn about the topic.

3:35pm- Walk to the bus stop

4:10pm- Catch the 341 and arrive home to rest for the night!

Tuesdays are pretty great, but Wednesday is my favorite day of the week! I will give you a peek into Wednesdays next week!



The library! I get it all to myself during my personal study hour!
Break Time! Most of the classrooms have chalkboards
The incredibly talented school chef!
Found this cool wall art while walking around Sion
Monday’s delicious lunch: Couscous with chicken, vegetables, fresh bread, and ice cream
Everyday at 7:17am, I hangout on the ground level and complete my math homework/ prepare for the day.

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