Le Cervin

Oh La La!!! Last Sunday, my family and the neighbors drove to Zermatt to see Le Cervin. All I could say was, “Oh la la!!” because everything  was so incredible. For example, there are flowers everywhere!! If you know me, you know I love flowers, so I was in heaven! Also, it is like a little village, so no cars are allowed except tiny electric ones. Everyone has to use the train to get to Zermatt. One thing I noticed is that the air was so clean! Everything seemed to still be completely raw and natural. The water was rushing through the town and was still white since it had just come from the ice caps on top. We ate at an amazing Italian restaurant. I ordered tortellini and WOW! It was incredible! I was amazed to see people walking through the town with skis and snowboards, and it was August! They had just come from the mountains! I am so thankful that my family took me to visit Le Cervin, and to find myself in complete awe of God’s creation! Since I took so many photos, I decided to put them into a slide show! Enjoy!



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2 thoughts on “Le Cervin

  1. Wow you are really being blessed. Your family are pulling out all the stops for you to have a really good time.
    Love the slide show. Melonie is so beautiful.


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