Week 2:Building Connections


Can you believe it has been two weeks already! Time is flying by! This week was filled with so many exciting things! I would say the theme for the week is definitely building connections. Family wise, I feel a lot less like a visitor and more like family. I can talk to Maman in the kitchen while dinner is being prepared or I go on walks with Papa and Voltaire (the dog) after dinner, and I feel like they are actually my Maman and Papa. My French is improving which has allowed me to show more of my personality and understand them better. My morning routine is now normal, which includes breakfast with Maman if I get up on time. School is better, because I was able to talk with my professors and decide what was to be expected of me in class. Also, I have started to become friends with the students in my class and not feel like such an outsider. I look forward to seeing my classmates and count how many times the guys can do the water bottle flip challenge. The highlight of my week has been meeting other exchange students! I met a girl from Costa Rica at my school, and now we eat lunch together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is so nice to be able to talk and know that I am not the only one feeling a certain way. She arrived 6 months ago, so she has been full of great advice about everything! She introduced me to more exchange students, and now we are all going to hang out tomorrow at the castles in our town! Time is flying by, but it also feels like I haven’t seen my family in forever! Sometimes I have really sad moments, but then they pass and I have three great days. I think it is all about learning to look at it with a positive perspective, but to know it’s okay to be sad every once in a while. The best part is that when I get a little sad, my Maman gives me a chocolate croissant or Swiss chocolate. I will have another blog going up as soon as I can about visiting Le Cervin in Zermatt! FYI I was in complete awe! I took so many pictures, but I will try to get that post up this weekend!

The best thing I have learned this week: Be yourself. I know, how cliché. When I owned the fact that I have a very American accent and do funny American things, I was able to laugh and enjoy being different from everyone else. Instead of worrying about other people, I am starting to enjoy every second no matter the circumstance.

Biggest laugh: My family loves when I say Oh la la since I say it all the time with such an American accent. They copy me and we all shared a big laugh! My religion professor loves my accent as well and has me say words just to make him laugh. Instead of being embarrassed I laugh along with the rest of the class. It actually is quite funny!

Prayer Requests: To not be discouraged when I don’t understand the homework. I received my first test back, and I completely failed. I knew I would because I changed the numbers in the math problems to make them super simple. My teacher just wrote, “Intéressant.”

Learning the bus route!
Since no one has air conditioners, all the students hang out by windows in between classes to cool down
Waiting at the bus stop and I saw this cool trolley going through the town!
Vineyards are everywhere! It’s so beautiful!
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
I love Switzerland!!



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