The Bus Situation


Switzerland is known for its incredible public transportation, and I can say that it is quite impressive. While the buses and trains are great, I am not the best at riding them. Below you will find two stories that I hope make you laugh!

  1. Two days before the first day of school, my Maman rode the bus with me so that I would know exactly what the route looked like for Monday. Monday came, and I walked confidently to the bus stop. When I arrived, I was surprised to see about 8 students waiting on the other side of the street. Maman had told me to just follow the students, but she also told me to wait on the right side of the road. After crossing back and forth on the street, I finally decided to wait with the other students. The 343 bus arrived, but Maman had told me to ride the 341 to school. I stepped on the bus and felt like I was going to throw up. As I sat in my seat on the 343 I saw the 341, my bus, drive past me going the opposite direction. I quickly let out a gasp and smashed my face against the window with my arms in the air as I saw my bus drive away. As I got up to try and run off the bus, a girl quickly stopped me and said, “It’s okay! You go to La Planta?” I nervously nodded my head very fast. “It’s okay. Both buses go to school.” She informed me in the best English she knew. I collapsed in the seat next to her and showed her my International Student ID card to which she replied, “I know. I can tell. You follow me to La Planta. I will take you to your class.” The same girl saved me 2 days later from getting on the wrong bus home. To say the least, I would never make it home without her!
  2. On Thursdays, my classes end at 4:25pm. The next bus is the 342 at 4:50, but it is not a direct bus to my house. Maman had gone over what stop I get off on, and what bus to then get on that would take me home. I was feeling confident and got off the first bus. I then crossed the street to wait underneath the sign for the bus. The next bus was supposed to arrive within two minutes, but I did not see a bus. I started to panic and called my sister, but I forgot all French. She was asleep so I left a message and then decided I would just get on the next bus I saw and hope for the best. I boarded a random bus and sat down rather panicked. I was constantly checking the app for the buses and it kept saying I was getting farther and farther away from my home. 20, 30, 40 minute walk, the numbers just kept going up with my stress. I had no clue what to do! All of a sudden I felt someone tap on my shoulder and say, “Sarah! Qu’est-ce tu fais?? (Sarah, what are you doing?) It was my student mentor from school!! I quickly told her I had no clue and she told me to come home with her. I got off the bus and walked to her house rather relieved. She informed her grandmother who gave me the look of “Aww aren’t you a cute little lost American”. She told me to follow her, and we walked to the car. She knew exactly where I lived once I told her who my parents where. When they dropped me off, my student mentor told me not to worry about and that we would talk about the bus system tomorrow at school. I had never felt so relieved to be home!! Now, I only ride the bus that takes me directly home! XOXO SC

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