Language Check-Up


Throughout my study abroad in Switzerland, I would like to document my French abilities to see how I am growing and learning. When I first arrived I forgot French completely. All I could say in the airport was, “Hi! Hi! Hi!”, but quickly after I started to pick up French phrases and speak with my family. At the moment, I am able to understand about 15% of what the teachers say in class, and I can understand the topic of small talk with classmates and a good bit of details. Last night, I was able to have a conversation with my Maman about anything on my mind for about an hour in all French! I can understand my family quite well and my student mentor, since I know their accents. I would definitely say my French is drastically improving everyday and so is my confidence level! It is so weird to be thinking in English and then my brain feels like it literally flips, and I begin to think in French. My teachers have been very understanding about my French abilities and have all adjusted the work to meet my level. Hopefully by the time of my next language check up I will have drastically improved!

My language report card:

Speaking with family and close friends: B

Speaking with strangers: D

Understanding family and close friends: B

Understanding strangers: F+



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