New York to Frankfurt

Salut mes amies!

I am in currently in Frankfurt, Germany! The past two days have been quite a whirlwind! From saying good bye to my parents to listening to seminars, I have not stopped smiling with excitement. (even if I am half asleep lol) I have met so many amazing people, especially the other 8 students traveling with me to Switzerland. I don’t think that everything has hit me yet, but I have gotten jitters every once in a while. I met a very kind Egyptian on the flight and even learned some Arabic! It is so crazy hearing so many different languages everywhere I go! Surprisingly, I feel very confident and so excited! This is due to my amazing family, both natural and host! I am so excited to arrive in just a few hours!

Highlight: Meeting an American girl that will be attending my high school in Switzerland

Emotions: Constant excitement

Funny moment: I was sitting at a table with the Swiss group waiting for the next event and I was playing with my glass of water as I had a quick daydream.  I completely forgot that there was watering the cup, and I poured it all over the table.

Prayer Requests: 1. to not be so excited that I forget how to speak French 2. to become confident and speak French with those I meet

Love from Frankfurt,



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