Breakthrough 2016

Last week, I attended Breakthrough Camp with the Living Room Church. Ben has been begging me for years to go to camp with him, and this year Lexy asked me as well. I am so grateful that they invited me due to the colossal impact the lessons left on my life. The main theme was freedom. As a Christian, it is a constant fight against temptation every single day. We were taught to fight doubt, temptation, insecurities, and lack of qualification in the Morning Minutes. The evening sessions focused about breaking walls that hold us back and living life with an attitude of appreciation. Not only did my faith grow, but my relationships became even deeper. Lexy and I became really close and realized that the only way our friendship will last this upcoming year is if it is based on our faith.  The games and water activities were so much fun! Sabryn and I did every water activity even though some gave us a few bruises and an ear infection. 😉 I am so glad that I was able to attend Breakthrough 2016 and I cannot wait to apply the lessons in my everyday life!




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