Running From Rosetta

Hi friends!

I am anxiously counting down the days till I leave for Switzerland, but one thing is getting in the way of my excitement: Rosetta Stone. Part of the AFS program requires students to complete three levels of Rosetta Stone in the language in which you will be studying. In my case, I have been taking the French course. While I completely understand why AFS makes the students do this program, I am at the point where I would rather do anything than do another lesson. There is SO much repetition involved! Since I have been studying French for the past three years, it is all monotonous review.  I’ve even run out of things to do to procrastinate competing another lesson. If anyone has any tips as to  how to complete it faster, I am all ears.

On the bright side, I get my braces off in two days and I leave for Florida in three days! Ill definitely be putting up blogs from my braces experience and Florida in between lessons on Rosetta Stone.




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